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Service Description for Deacon Chairman

Biblical Reference: 1 Timothy 3:8-13, Mark 10:43, Ephesians 4:12, Acts 6:1-6. The Greek word translated deacon is diakonos, who’s more general meaning is “servant”. Most scholars believe the original meaning of diakonos was a table waiter who walked barefoot through dust to serve dining guests: dia (through) and konos (dust).
Bylaw Description of Deacon Chairman
The Deacon Chairman in most cases is elected first to the Deacon Body of the church through the church’s polity/governance according to the bylaws. To be Deacon Chairman is to be elected to that position by the Deacon Body. This term of service is annual. Re-election is possible within the service rotation based on the church bylaws. The Deacon Chairman is usually responsible to the Pastor and functions in the role of “overseer”, “shepherd” during the pastor’s absence – filling any of the roles of ministry. The Deacon Chairman is to be a leader of men who are to be models of ministry for the entire congregation.

Policy and Procedures Description for Deacon Chairman
Service Title: Deacon Chairman

Ministry Purpose: To be the leader of the Deacon Body elected by the church to serve the congregation. To uphold the biblical requirements of a Deacon found in 1Timothy 3:8-13.

Serving Relationships: The Deacon Chairman serves under the leadership of the Pastor, who is the overseer of the church; serves as leader of the Deacon Body; and ultimately, serves as a model in ministry to exhibit exemplary life styles, and to offer guidance and direction for many aspects of a church’s mission, purpose and priorities.

Primary Functions:
  • Plans and conducts monthly Deacon’s meetings in cooperation with the Pastor and other Deacon Officers.
  • Serves as the Church Representative during the absence of the Pastor or vacancy of Pastor position, or to the general media.
  • Is involved with administering ministry to church members and the community.
  • May serve as the Moderator or assistant to the moderator during business conferences.
  • Is actively involved in Sunday School, Worship and Prayer Service times in the church schedule.
  • Is supportive financially to the over all ministry budget and mission projects of the church.
  • Carries out the Sunday responsibilities needed, i.e. – taking of offerings, ushering, prayer room, welcome center and guest relations.
  • Participates in special Deacon Ministry projects throughout the year.
  • Provides written monthly Deacon Body Reports as a part of the Church Business Meeting agenda.
  • Practices Personal Evangelism to the lost as opportunities arise.
  • Attends beneficial training sessions as available.
  • Prays regularly for the church staff and with the church staff.

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