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Online Learning

Online learning presentations are available for the following topics:

  • English as a Second Language
  • Teaching Preschoolers and Children
  • Student/Youth Ministry
  • Adult Ministries
  • Pastoral Ministries
  • 2014 State Mission Videos

The presentations are available through the links below or in the column to the right.


English as a Second Language




English as a Second Language

Organizing an ESL Ministry 
Student Placement
Learning and Teaching a Foreign Language
Planning Your ESL Lesson
Introducing New Vocabulary
Teaching Pronunciation
Dealing with Cultural Misunderstanding
Incorporating Biblical Material
Sharing Your Testimony

Teaching Preschoolers and Children


Teaching Preschoolers & Children 

Eight Kinds of Learners
Downloadable listening guide
Sue Harmon and Cindy Morris, presenters

Guiding Behavior - Part 1
Downloadable listening guide
Sue Harmon, presenter

Guiding Behavior - Part 2
Downloadable listening guide
Sue Harmon, presenter

Ready, Set, Teach
Downloadable listening guide
Sue Harmon, presenter

Why We Do What We Do
Sue Harmon, Presenter

Youth ministryStudent/Youth Ministry Presentations

Introduction - Keeping the Main Thing the Main Thing
Tripp Atkinson, Seth Buckley, Cory Singleton, and Steve Rohrlack, presenters

Positive Discipline in Your Student Ministry
Tripp Atkinson, presenter

The Backbone of Student Ministry - Adult Leadership
Tripp Atkinson, presenter

Identifying the Red Flags:  Calls for Help
Seth Buckley, presenter

Don't Forget the Parents
Seth Buckley, presenter

Developing Students as Leaders
Seth Buckley, presenter

Youth Culture:  Describing a Teen in 10 Minutes
Steve Rohrlack, presenter

An Effective Strategy for Teaching Teens
Steve Rohrlack

Finding the Right Curriculum & Resources
Cory Singleton, presenter

Safety & Security
Tripp Atkinson, presenter


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