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The Contents of a Personnel Policy and Procedure Manual

Employment Procedures
  • How does the church call a minister to a position?
  • How does the church present and vote on the minister?
  • How does the church assimilate new staff members?
  • Who employs new support staff?
  • What role does the Personnel Committee play with employment?
  • Who will conduct and review the screenings procedures for each staff member?
  • Does the church have a written policy on child abuse prevention and reporting?
  • Does each ministry position have a written job description that is reviewed by the employee with his/her supervisor annually?
Other Considerations
  • Employment at will
  • Staff organization and structure of the church organization
  • Probationary periods
  • Disability accommodations
  • Church members who are employees
Workplace Guidelines
  • Who answers to whom?
  • What is the chain of authority among staff and church?
  • When does the staff meet for regular planning?
  • Who is responsible for staff meetings?
  • What are the expectations of these meetings?
  • What are the normal working hours that a church member can expect the office to be open?
  • Does the church have a procedure to handle an accusation of sexual harassment or misconduct of office?
Other Considerations
  • Record keeping
  • Computer use
  • Employee family members
  • Personal use of office equipment
  • Confidentiality of church information and phone messages
  • Use of church long distance and email accounts
  • Personally owned property on church property
  • Safety and security
  • Volunteer services
Performance Standards
  • When are pastor and staff evaluated?
  • Who conducts evaluations?
  • How will evaluations be accomplished?
  • What are the expected results of evaluations?
  • Will the pastor give a state-of-the-church address annually?
  • Are the performance standards of the staff in line with the mission, purpose and priorities of the church?
  • What is the moral expectation of a church staff member?
  • What is the procedure to correct or dismiss in the case of a moral failure?
  • What is expected in regard to business/casual dress code during office hours, worship services, general activities?
  • What is the expected work days, days off, sick leave, vacation leave, and death in the family policies for each level of church employment? How many Sunday absences?
  • What is ministry leave? How many weeks/days can the staff be away from the church for ministry related work – like revivals, mission trips, etc?
  • When are times away provided? Will they accrue if they are not used?
  • Does the church comply with the American Family Leave Act?
  • How will jury and military duty be considered? Will it be part of the general ministry leave or extra leave?
Other Considerations
  • Performance evaluations (creating a standard)
  • Transfers, promotions, substitute for vacancy of another staff post.
  • Is there a compensation profile on file for each employee?
  • When will compensation be discussed with new staff?
  • Who determines the compensation for each position and monitors the “market place” to keep church current?
  • Will evaluations effect compensations?
  • Will meritorious bonuses be annual or accumulative?
  • Who will determine cost-of-living adjustments annually?
  • Will the Personnel Committee and supervisors collaborate compensation discussions annually?
  • How often will staff be recognized for years of service and how will this recognition take place?
  • Who will be responsible for the timely recognitions?
  • What are the pay periods each week/month?
Other Considerations
  • Timesheets/Overtime procedures
  • Staff gifts, bonuses and honorariums
  • Confidentiality of salary and wages
  • Who is eligible for benefits based on (30+) hours per week?
  • Who is eligible for church contributions to the church retirement plan?
  • Can church staff salary reduce additional contributions to their retirement account?
  • Is a Roth contribution available through GuideStone?
  • What amount or percentage of salary and housing will the church make on behalf of a staff member to his retirement account monthly at GuideStone Financial Resources, SBC? (10% is recommended)
  • Who is provided what benefits: health, dental, life, disability?
  • Is the family coverage provided and what level of benefits?
  • Does the church have a written policy on how the staff will be reimbursed for ministry expenses like travel, hospitality, conventions, books and continued education?
  • Are restrictions and guidelines in place to address the use of church credit cards?
Other Considerations
  • Cellular phone use personal/business
  • Computer use, ownership, church versus personal information
  • Free tuition, cost for staff to church functions
Salary and Wage Administration
  • How will pay scale and compensation administration, including ministering housing declarations and withholdings, be done?
  • How should a staff member inform the church of leaving its employment and position? 
  • How can/should a church staff member be dismissed?
  • What is the timeline process for dismissal and severance pay?
  • Does the church provide for a sabbatical for long-term employees for spiritual renewal and study? Who approves this request?
  • How many years of service equate time for sabbatical? What are the expected results and benefits from a sabbatical?
  • Upon the absence of the pastor (for sabbatical, vacation, conferences), who is responsible for securing a supply preacher? Who pays the supply preacher for his services?
Other Considerations
  • Salary and wage scales and review process.

Church Personnel Policy, Dr. Keith Hamilton, My Financial Support, LLC, 2012
Frieze Consulting, Rex Frieze, Church Management Consulting Firm, Orlando, Florida

All of the contents of this document are collected and arranged for the supply of educational information and illustrative purpose, and not intended to be an exhaustive plan of action for the Personnel Committee that would affect the legal and autonomous actions of a South Carolina Baptist Church.



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