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Job Description for Ministry Assistant/Secretary

Biblical References: Romans 12:9-15 and Ephesians 4:11-12. These verses describe “service” and “dedication” to the Lord. Very descriptive words are used: “without hypocrisy”, “cling to good”, “devoted”, “diligent”, “rejoice in hope”, “persevering”, “praying”, “contributing to needs”, “practicing hospitality”; these epitomize the role of a Ministry Assistant/Secretary.

Bylaws Description of the Ministry Assistant/Secretary: The Ministry Assistant/Secretary is responsible for administering the tasks and functions of the church office in concert with the daily service practices of the ministerial staff. In addition to these general duties, the Ministry Assistant/Secretary may also be responsible for delegating or communicating tasks related to bookkeeping, office management, church calendar and events updates, telephone services, publications, and correspondence.

Policy and Procedures Description of the Ministry Assistant/Secretary

Service Title: Ministry Assistant/Secretary

Ministry Purpose: To administrate the operations within the church office and maintain the services of bookkeeping, church calendar, answering of phone and e-mails, publications, and correspondence.

Service Relationships: The Ministry Assistant/Secretary is directly responsible to the Senior Pastor or other assigned ministerial staff. The Ministry Assistant/Secretary may supervise other office assistants or office volunteers.
Primary Functions:
  1. Acts as the church office receptionist directing phone calls, appointments, and guests throughout the church.
  2. Attends Church Council/Church Business Administrative Council meetings to record the minutes of the meetings.
  3. Coordinates the total Church Events Calendar and keeps records of the administrative forms related to all events.
  4. Keeps ministerial staff, deacons, and others informed of crises or ministry opportunities within the congregation and community.
  5. Maintains church files in cooperation with the Church Clerk, Church Trustees and Church Treasurer.
  6. Maintains confidential files of the ministerial staff.
  7. Prepares, edits and produces all church publications including church newsletter, worship bulletins and denominational statistics.
  8. Edits and published minister’s sermons, messages and presentations both printed and projected.
  9. Prepares news releases in cooperation with the Senior Pastor and the Church Moderator.
  10. Serves in a special relationship to the Chairman of Deacons and other general ministry leadership of the church.
  11. Coordinates the activities of the Nominating Committee in cooperation with the chairman.
  12. Assists the Senior Minister in preparing worship action, events, baptisms and special presentations.
  13. Takes and screens all ministers’ phone calls.
  14. Coordinates and helps administer ministerial staff appointment calendars in conjunction with daily church office activities.
  15. Coordinates and helps schedule travel arrangements and speaking engagements for the ministerial staff.
  16. Assists the Church Treasurer and Counting & Finance Committee with all Church Budget reports and accountability.
  17. Assists the Church Clerk in interpreting Church Bylaws and Policies & Procedures.

Disclaimer: All job descriptions/service descriptions are intended as a guide and may or may not fit the vision, purpose and practice of every church.

Robert Grant


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