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With over 6,000 multihousing communities in South Carolina we stand able and ready to engage this vast mission field of unreached residents. We do this in basically two ways:

  1. Through our Apartment Life process, families are placed within middle/upper apartment communities as Cares Teams. They function as the "hub" of community, building spiritual relationships and connecting residents to Christ and to the local churches.

  2. Through International/Ongoing church connections we obtain permission to enter a community with trained teams from local churches to host special events and build life-changing relationships.

We now have open doors to nearly 300 apartment communities through eight companies in South Carolina and through multiple local "Housing Authorities." Apartment Life teams are regularly engaging 5102 units (12,000 residents); while International Church Ministries are relating to another 9,000 units (20,000 people). Through apartment ministries six new works were established among Hispanic and Indian residents. Cares Teams reported 1040 spiritual relationships, 116 church connections, and 111 gospel presentations in their latest report.

Let me give you a couple of snapshots from the ministry across our state.

"Zoe C. prayed to receive Christ! She was so excited. At our event later that night, she shared her experience with Cindy and as a result they were able to witness to another unbelieving resident."

"Josh is a resident at our apartment community. After several in-depth conversations, Josh accepted Christ and asked Tom to baptize him. He was baptized on September 17 and later that evening we invited several people to join us for dinners and we discussed his decision."

It's time to get engaged! Call Ronnie Cox at 803-227-6006

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For more information about Multihousing Ministry, contact Ronnie Cox in the Missions Mobilization Group by calling 803-227-6006 or e-mailing


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