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Literacy Missions volunteers share the Gospel and make disciples by helping people learn English as a Second Language, by tutoring children and youth and helping adults learn to read and write.  Training modules and curriculum are available in each of these areas.

2016 Literacy Missions Conference
SAVE THE DATE:  April 9, 2016
Literacy Missions Conference - Coming to Columbia, SC
More Info including Registration Link Coming Soon!

Literacy Missions offers training to volunteers in four areas:
  1. English as a Second Language (ESL)
  2. English as a Foreign Language (EFL)
  3. Adult Reading and Writing (ARW)
  4. Tutoring Children and Youth (TCY)
Teaching English (ESL, EFL)

There are many people in our communities, near our churches, and all over the world who need or want to learn to speak English. As Christians we can reach out in love and help them learn English. Those living in the US need to be prepared to work and live here. English is offered in other countries to give short term missionaries a way to reach out and share the love of Christ and at the same time offer a valuable service. Training will give you the skills to be an effective teacher.

Tutoring Children and Youth (TCY)

Literacy scores of children in South Carolina are among the lowest in the nation. Latest static say that 30% of children who enter first grade will drop out in high school. You can be trained to help a child learn to read and write and give them an opportunity to succeed in life.

Adult Reading and Writing (ARM)

As many as 20% of adults in some counties in South Carolina cannot read. Adults who can't read can't get good jobs and may end up in prison. You can be trained to help one adult at a time to learn to read and in the process teach him/her about Jesus.

In each area of Literacy Missions, volunteers are taught to share the love of Christ to their students.

Trained volunteers are equipped to teach their chosen area and to reach out to their communities and the world sharing the love of Jesus Christ.

CLICK HERE to access and print your packet on 'How To Begin An ESL Ministry'.

CLICK HERE to download Learning of Jesus through ESOL second edition.

Information on how to organize an ESL Ministry in your church or organization as well as training videos for English as a Second Language are available.  Click Here for access to the training videos and online presentations.

Trainings are scheduled as the need arises. If your association or church would like to start a ministry and would be willing to host a training, please contact Dot Whitmire via email at or by phone (H)803-54830942 / (C) 803-984-0481.

For more information about how you can become involved in Literacy Missions ministries, you can also contact Leisa Butler or Ronnie Cox in Missions Mobilization by phone at 803-227-6180 or by e-mailing







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