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World Hunger Offering is the 2nd Sunday in October!

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Need World Hunger Offering Envelopes?  Call Missions Mobilization at 803-227-6180 or email to order yours (free).

ATTN:  SC Baptist Churches - To make a contribution please follow the steps below:
1.   Include the contribution amount on your SCBC Remittance Form
2.  Designate the contribution for Global Hunger Relief or World Hunger
3.  Make the check payable to the South Carolina Baptist Convention
4.  Mail your remittance form and check to SCBC, ATTN:  Accounting, PO Box 212999, Columbia, SC  29221-2999 


Isn't it amazing how God works things out ahead of time? Joseph's life is a study in Divine wisdom. Fourteen years seems like such a long time; yet God revealed one major economic turn that would impact millions for many years to come. Sometimes we have no way of preparing for the future because we just do not know what is going to happen. The story is about seven years of plentiful harvest, followed by seven years of severe famine.

What a great lesson for God's people! Be prepared for hard times. Some, however, are caught by the famine...unfortunate turns in life...without daily bread. Just like God was delivering the ancient world from hunger by leading Joseph to establish the storehouses, God calls upon us to provide for the hungry in our world.

Statistics vary according to the source, but it is absolutely true that thousands of people die every day due to hunger and hunger related illnesses. Our small part is to give through the Southern Baptist World Hunger Offerings; taken each year in October.

Your contributions will be pooled with those of Southern Baptist across the land to be sent to their appropriate destinations:

  • 25% to be used for hunger relief in South Carolina through the 62 food pantries that our churches operate. In 2011, $468,877 of receipts were turned in, $114,075 reimbursements were channeled to these ministries, serving nearly 250,000 people. Nearly 27,000 of our church volunteers staffed these ministries.
  • 25% distributed through the North American Mission agencies, providing 5.3 million meals.
  • 50% is used for International hunger causes that not only provide food, but also assist with food growing processes.

Yes, that means that every dollar that you give to the World Hunger Offering this year will be used to provide food. Our printing, mailing, and administrative costs do not come out of the offerings. This, therefore, is the best way to give toward hunger relief. Give liberally because the demands are great!

For more information or to order promotional materials, contact the Missions Mobilization Group by calling 803-227-6180 or by e-mailing 


This Web site is made possible by the churches of the South Carolina Baptist Convention and their giving through the Cooperative Program to impact the world.