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Church Bylaws - Part B: Church Bylaws Should Cover…

  1. Qualification, selection and discipline of members.
  2. Time and Place of Regular Business meetings.
  3. Calling process of Special Business meetings.
  4. Notification procedures for Regular and Special Business meetings.
  5. Quorum or Variation of Quorum requirements.
  6. Voting rights and styles of the members
  7. Selection, Tenure and Removal of officers/staff and workers.
  8. Filling of vacancies/ unexpired terms for officers/staff and workers.
  9. Responsibilities/Job Functions of officers, workers and committees.
  10. Methods for Amending Bylaws/Policies/Procedures.
  11. Purchase and Conveyance Procedures of Property.
  12. Adoption of a Parliamentary Procedure.
  13. How to handle disputes between members/staff.
  14. Specifications about handling contracts by Trustees.
  15. Signature authority on checks and legal documents.
  16. Bonding of officers and employees.
  17. Procedures of Internal/External Audit annually.
  18. Indemnification Clause.
  19. Specification of the church fiscal year and calendar year.
  20. Rotation of Agents/Trustees
  1. Keep the Bylaws concise, simple and specific enough to convey the rule.
  2. Avoid repetition of information; refer back/forward by Article and Section.
  3. Avoid including detailed policies, job descriptions, specific dates, or locations.
  4. Footnote each page with the date of amendment.
  5. Keep the congregation informed and involved throughout the process.
  6. Adopt the document by a church wide vote.
  7. Publish the document and make it available to the entire church family.

Church Bylaws - Part A


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